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Waterton Lakes National Park: Our Newest Park Featured On!

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Waterton Lakes National Park: Our Newest Park Featured On!
We are extremely excited to announce to our viewers that we have just added Waterton Lakes National Park to our website. We’ve spend 30+ years in and around this incredible park, and we are now going to share everything we’ve learned with you. You will know exactly where to go, what to do and where to see animals in Waterton Lakes National Park, including our list of the Top Ten Things To Do In Waterton Lakes National Park!

Waterton Lakes National Park is located in Alberta, Canada, and shares the northern boundary of Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.A. This 124,800 acre national park is incredibly scenic, as well as being a great place to watch and observe wildlife. Towering mountains, crystal clear streams, lakes and gorgeous forests are waiting for you at Waterton Lakes National Park, as well as an extremely popular boat tour on Waterton Lake that takes you to the remote area of Goat Haunt, Montana, which is the gateway to the northern wilderness of Glacier National Park.

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park
On June 8, 1932, Waterton Lakes National Park was “combined” with Glacier National Park, Montana to become the world’s first “International Peace Park”. This is a shining tribute to the peaceful and friendly relationship that exists between Canada and the United States of America, and this example has been duplicated throughout the world ever since this first International Peace Park was created.

Red Rock Parkway
The Red Rock Parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park is a paved road that allows visitors to drive into the heart of Waterton Lakes National Park. This wonderful, winding two lane road is a great place to see not only amazing landscape, but it is also a fantastic road to see wildlife such as black bear, deer, elk, bighorn sheep and moose. Along the Red Rock Parkway are several outstanding hiking trails, such as Crandell Lake Trail, Blakiston Falls Trail, Blakiston Valley Trail and Snowshoe Trail.

One of the highlights of the Red Rock Parkway is Red Rock Canyon. This bright red-colored canyon is a fun place for families to play and relax in Red Rock Creek, and you can even walk up the creek into a narrow section of Red Rock Canyon, with towering red cliffs soaring above you on each side.

For more information on the Red Rock Parkway, click here.

Akamina Parkway
The Akamina Parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park is another incredibly popular parkway that takes you into the interior of this scenic park. This 9.4 mile drive allows you access to several terrific hiking trails, such as Crandell Lake Trail, Lineham Falls Trail, Rowe Lakes Trail, Tamarack Trail and Akamina Ridge.

The entire drive is extremely scenic and enjoyable, and at the end of the Akamina Parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park, the ever-popular Cameron Lake awaits you, which will take your breath away. This gorgeous sub-alpine lake is a popular place to canoe, boat and kayak, and the scenery is spectacular. Mount Custer rises above the lake to south, which is the perfect backdrop to this pristine lake.

For more information on the Akamina Parkway, click here.

Waterton Lake Boat Tour
Without a doubt one of the most popular things to do in Waterton Lakes National Park is to take an historic wooden boat tour across the gigantic Waterton Lake. This famous Waterton Lake Boat Tour takes you about 9 miles through the scenic Waterton Valley, and halfway through the tour you will cross the U.S./Canadian Border, where you will then enter Glacier National Park Montana. At the head of the lake, the historic boat “International” stops at Goat Haunt, Montana, which is the gateway to the remote northern wilderness of Glacier National Park. There you can take one of several hikes that are available here, or simply explore the immediate area and return to the boat for the tour back to Waterton Park Townsite, which is where this spectacular tour began.

For more information on the Waterton Lake Boat Tour, click here.

Crypt Lake Trail
One of the most popular hikes in Waterton Lakes National Park is the Crypt Lake Trail. This amazing hike includes 3 major waterfalls, a 100 foot natural rock tunnel, a steel ladder, and a cable to hold onto as you hike above a harrowing cliff! And how you get to the trailhead is by taking a 15 minute boat shuttle to what is known as “Crypt Landing”, which is across Waterton Lake and is where your Crypt Lake Trail hiking adventure begins.

For more information on the Crypt Lake Trail, click here.

Waterton Park Townsite
In the center of Waterton Lakes National Park is one of the most charming and adorable little towns you’ll ever see in your life. Waterton Park Townsite is so neat and clean, and with such a wonderfully perfect little main street it reminds us of Disneyland! There is wonderful shopping, dining, hotels, cabins, and some of the best ice cream you will ever taste! Exploring the main street of Waterton Park Townsite is the perfect end to a great day on the parkways, boat tour, or on one of the many hiking trails.

For more information on Waterton Park Townsite, click here.

Prince of Wales Hotel
Resting above Waterton Park Townsite high on a bluff is the historic Prince of Wales Hotel. This beautiful hotel was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1927, and is absolutely oozing with “old-world charm.” It’s Swiss-like architecture is wonderful, and the grand room has huge picture windows allowing for an incredible view of Waterton Lake and the spectacular Waterton Valley. The Prince of Wales Hotel is a popular attraction for visitors of Waterton Lakes National Park, and is also a popular place to stay while spending time in this wondrous park.

For more information on the Prince of Wales Hotel, click here.

And there is much, much more at Waterton Lakes National Park!
We touched on some of the most popular attractions in Waterton Lakes National Park in this article, but there are of course many more things to see, things to do, and things to explore that we didn’t have time to mention on this blog. All we can say is that you’ll be glad you added Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada to your vacation itinerary. The scenery, the animals, the hiking trails, the boat tour, and the charming camelot of Waterton Park Townsite makes for a wonderful vacation for the entire family.

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